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DTU Space - Lyngby

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DTU Space - Lyngby


DTU Spaces divisions are situated at the DTU Campus in Lyngby:

Division of Microwaves and Remote Sensing and Division of Measurement and Instrumentation. The two divisions are situated at respectively Ørsteds Plads, building 348, and at Elektrovej, building 327+328. 



Click here, (.pdf) to get at map of DTU Campus - Lyngby and the approaches to it, or visit for a detailed description itinerary.


Public transportation

The bus lines no. 190, 300S, 353 and 591E drives almost to the door step of Division of Microwaves and Remote Sensing and Division of Measurement and Instrumentation. We suggest that you visit for a detailed itinerary.


Traveling from the airport to DTU Space - Lyngby


- by taxi

Taxi from the Airport to DTU Space - Lyngby costs about DKK 600. Credit cards are welcomed in most taxis. Vacant taxis carry a sign with the word: FRI (vacant). Travelling time: About 30 min.


- by public transportation

To get to DTU Space - Lyngby by public transportation you need to go by Metro, train and bus. Travelling time: About one hour. 

  1. Airport to Nørreport Station: Metro (Runs every 4-6 min)
    You must have a ticket before getting on the Metro. You need a six-zone-ticket. You’ll find ticket automats at the DSB counter at Terminal 3 and at the metro station at the end of Terminal 3. The ticket is valid for both metro, train and bus.
  2. Nørreport Station to Lyngby Station: Train (Runs every 10 min)
  3. Lyngby Station to Division of Microwaves and Remote Sensing: Bus lines no. 190, 300S, 353 and 591E. Get off at either Akademivej (bus line no. 190 and 591E) or by Lyngby Svømmehal (bus line no. 300S and 353) and walk the last 0,5 km to building 348, where Division of Microwaves and Remote Sensing is situated.
  4. Lyngby Station to Division of Measurement and Instrumentation: Bus lines no. 300S, 353 and 591E. Get off at Elektrovej and walk the last 0,1 km to building 327+328, where Division of Measurement and Instrumentation and Division of Astrophysics, Solarsystem Physics, Geodesy and Geodynamics is situated.

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Responsible for Communication
DTU Space
+45 45 25 97 69