DTU Space inviterer til gratis rum-konkurrence for 7-22-årige. (Foto: Odysseus/DTU Space)

DTU Space organizes Nordic youth space competition

Monday 16 Jan 17


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Deadline 31 March 2017

Students and their teachers from all over Europe are encouraged to participate in the  Odysseus European Youth Space Contest.

The deadline for participation and sending in a project is 31 march 2017 and there are great prizes to win.

The contest is organized by Odysseus II, a three-year project funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The project consortium consists of 14 partners and four supporting organizations from 11 European countries. DTU Space is regional partner for the Nordic countries.


Read more about the contest here at the odysseus website.

Find out more about the three age categories here.

Regional semifinals in Denmark

DTU Space will be organizing the regional semi finals of the Odysseus contest from 23 to 25 April 2017 at a science camp with exiting scientific, educational and social activities apart from the actual competition. This event takes place at the ScienceTalents centre in Soroe near Copenhagen. It is the second time DTU Space and ScienceTalents host the regional event for the 14 to 22 year old participants.


Read here about last years event.

DTU Space is Nordic partner on a space contest for young Europeans. The aim is to encourage interest in space science.

DTU Space is hosting a big space contest for young people aged 7-22 years. The EU-sponsored contest, called Odysseus, is designed to give students in Europe an opportunity to display their creativity and academic excellence, by addressing a broad spectrum of scientific and technological space challenges.

DTU Space is responsible for the contest in the Nordic countries, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark. The deadline for submitting entries is the 31 March 2017.

Easy to participate

It is easy to be part of the competition. Participants just have to make an original illustration or space related project based on the themes and challenges specified for each of the three age categories in the contest. It is up to the individual participant to decide the scope of their project.

The contest is divided into three categories. The Skywalkers category for participants aged 7-13, the Pioneers category for participants aged 14-19 and the Explorers category for participants aged 17-22.

The best contestants from the Nordic countries will be invited to participate at the regional semi-final and space science camp in Soroe, Denmark, this summer. The semi-final is as an all-inclusive science camp hosted by the organisation ScienceTalenter in Soroe. Travelling expenses, accommodation, meals and events, are all covered by Odysseus. The winner from Soroe will qualify for the final in France alongside other talented young people from all over Europe.

Winners went to rocket launch in French Guyana

DTU Space is organizing the Nordic part of the contest for the second time. In the spring of 2016 the regional semi-final in Denmark had talented young participants from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Great Britain.

”I got the opportunity to follow my own ideas and meet people that could help me on with them. That was the best part of participating in the Odysseus contest for me”, said swedish Daniel Nilsson who won the regional semifinal in the Explorer catagory while studying at Luleå University of Technology.

The winners in Soroe qualified for the finals in France. Here the grand price was an all-inclusive trip to the EU spaceport in French Guyana, South America. Amongst other things, they witnessed the launch of an Ariane rocket carrying one of the satellite for the new European Galileo-system, which will be EU’s future equivalent to the American GPS system.

Read more about the contest and sign up here.

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