Completed PhD Projects

Cryosphere monitoring from satellites and aircraft

Nilsson, J., Forsberg, R., Sørensen, L. S., Schrama, E. J. O., Mottram, R. H. & Skriver, H.

15/12/2011 → 15/01/2015

Project: PhD


Sea-Level Changes in the Arctic from Satellite Altimetry

Period: 01-12-10 → 31-08-11
Main Supervisor: Ole Baltazar Andersen (internal)
Supervisor: Per Knudsen (internal)
PhD student: Tina Hvid (internal)


Determination of Earth's magnetic field from satellite constellation magnetic field observations 

Periode:01-09-09 → 18-12-12
Main Supervisor: Nils Olsen (internal)
PhD student: Stavros Kotsiaros (internal)


GOCE in Ocean Modelling for the Internationale Space Station

Period: 01-11-08 → 23-05-12
Main Supervisor: Per Knudsen (internal)
Supervisor: Carl Christian Tscherning (ekstern)
PhD student: Matija Herceg (internal)


Upper Troposphere Lower Stratosphere structure during convective systems using GPS radio occultations

Period: 01-11-08 → 16-01-12
Main Supervisor: Torsten Neubert (internal)
PhD student: Riccardo Biondi (internal)


Viscoelastic crustal deformation due to ice load changes

Period: 01-08-08 → 18-12-12
Main Supervisor: Shfaqat Abbas Khan (internal)
Supervisors: René Forsberg (internal) and Per Knudsen (internal)
PhD student: Karina Nielsen (internal)


NuSTAR calibration facility and multilayer reference database: Optic response model comparison to NuSTAR on-ground calibration data

Period: 01-06-08 → 19-04-12
Main Supervisor: Finn Erland Christensen (internal)
PhD student: Nicolai Brejnholt (internal)


Influence of Solar activity on planetary environments - Future Mars explorations

Period: 01-05-08 → 22-06-11
Main Supervisor: Susanne Vennerstrøm (internal)
Supervisor: Morten Bo Madsen (ekstern)
PhD student: Thea Vilstrup Falkenberg (internal)


Low Power attitude determination for magnetometry planetary missions

Period: 01-05-08 → 16-01-12
Main Supervisor: José M.G. Merayo (internal)
Supervisor: John Leif Jørgensen (internal)
PhD student: Thorbjørn Helvig Christensen (internal)


Soil Moisture Mesured by Microwave Remote Sensing

Period: 01-05-08 → 21-02-12
Main Supervisor: Niels Skou (internal)
Supervisors: Inge Sandholt (external) and Henning Skriver (internal)
PhD student: Simone Bircher (internal)


Vision based navigation sensors for spacecrafts rendezvous and docking

Period: 01-11-07 → 23-03-11
Main Supervisor: John Leif Jørgensen (internal)
PhD student: Mathias Benn (internal)


Polar remote sensing by CryoSat-type radar altimetry

Period: 01-09-07 → 23-11-11
Main Supervisor: René Forsberg (internal)
Supervisors: Jørgen Dall (internal) and Carl Christian Tscherning (ekstern)
PhD student: Lars Stenseng (internal)


Cosmic radiation influence on aerosol and cloud formation over short time periods

Period: 01-07-07 → 03-03-10
Main Supervisor: Henrik Svensmark (internal)
PhD student: Torsten Bondo (internal)


High resolution time-lapse gravity field from GRACE for hydrological modelling

Period: 01-07-07 → 22-06-11
Main Supervisor: Ole Baltazar Andersen (internal)
Supervisor: Peter Bauer-Gottwein (internal)
PhD student: Pernille Engelbredt Krogh (internal)


Attitude Fusion Techniques for Spacecraft

Period: 01-03-07 → 23-02-11
Main Supervisor: John Leif Jørgensen (internal)
PhD student: Jonas Bækby Bjarnø (internal)


Nanoprobe for Magnetic Space Cluster Missions

Period: 15-08-04 → 29-08-08
Main Supervisor: José M.G. Merayo (internal)
Supervisors: Peter Brauer (internal) and John Leif Jørgensen (internal)
PhD student: Michael Thomsen (internal)