Current projects

Ice sounding

Ice velocity mapping

Ice Velocity is an Essential Climate Variable. Our division has been carrying out research related to the use of satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar data for polar ice velocity mapping for over 25 years. We are currently involved in several national and international projects, including the Danish PROMICE programme as well as in several European Space Agency projects:


(Thomas B. Thriges fond)

Persistent Scatterer Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (PS-InSAR)

PS-InSAR methods are used to monitor a wide variety of slow (millimetric) deformations from space. Our division is involved in several projects concerning the application of these methods, including:

Radiometer projects

  • RFI Mitigation (ESA)
  • CIMR Campaign (ESA)
  • MetOp-SG (ESA)

Sea Ice Monitoring

Use of satellite radar and radiometer data for sea ice measurement and monitoring.