40th Anniversary of the Greenland Magnetometer Array


IMAGE 2013 Meeting

May 15-16, 2013, DTU Campus, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

The Greenland Magnetometer Array is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To complete magnetic data from early observatories, first variometer stations have been installed along the East and West coast of Greenland by Eigil Friis-Christensen.The array covers the polar cap, the dayside cusp, the auroral oval and subauroral latitudes providing excellent opportunities to investigate different aspects of polar ionospheric and magnetospheric current systems.

IMAGE, the International Monitor for Auroral Geomagnetic Effects, consists of some 30 magnetometer stations in northern Europe and is supported by 10 institutes from 7 countries. The main objective is to study polar electrojets, with additional possibilities to study long term trends in geomagnetic activity and induction processes. 

The investigation of near Earth Space and Geomagnetism has its fundamental roots in geomagnetic observations at ground stations, with high latitudes being of particular importance. The knowledge on magnetic ground data analysis and the associated technical skills, accumulated over many years for ground magnetometer data, are also an important ingredient to the successful design and operation of high precision magnetic satellite missions. We look forward to presentations and discussions on magnetometer array science and coordinated investigations using ground- and space-based magnetic observations.



Thank you for an interesting and friendly meeting!

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Please register and submit your abstract by email to image2013@space.dtu.dk not later than 15 April 2013. Registration is of course also possible without abstract submission. There is no registration fee.

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Detailed Program and Abstracts

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Program Overview

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morning session, 9:00

IMAGE meeting 2013: science studies

Afternoon session, 13:10 
40 years of Greenland magnetometers: science studies

Evening session, 18:00 
40 years of Greenland magnetometers: celebration & small talk

Invited speakers:

Robert Clauer – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Bradley, USA

Jesper Gjerloev – Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Magnar Johnsen Gullikstad – University of Tromsø, Norway

Craig Heinselmann  – EISCAT Kiruna, Sweden

Hermann Lühr – GFZ Potsdam, Germany

Tuija Pulkkinen – Aalto University, Finland

Esa Turunen – Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Finland 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Morning session, 10:00
IMAGE meeting 2013: operations and techniques

Afternoon session, 12:00

Tour to Geomagnetic Observatory Brorfelde: Geomagnetic observations in Denmark and Greenland


Program committee:                        Local organizing committee:      

Claudia Stolle

Jürgen Matzka

Eija Tanskanen

Anna Willer

Eigil Friis-Christensen

Lars W. Pedersen

Livia Kother

Mille L. Nielsen

Nynne Lauritzen 

Contact: image2013@space.dtu.dk   

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