DTU Space Data Policies

  1. The geomagnetic data from the ground magnetic stations, in the following referred to as 'the data',  are acquired with the magnetic stations operated by the Technical University of Denmark, National Space Institute (DTU Space). The data are the intellectual property of DTU Space.

  2. The data may be freely used for the purpose of illustration, for teaching, and for scientific research. DTU Space encourages users of the data to collaborate with the Project Scientist at DTU Space*. Users are also encouraged to consider a joint authorship with the Project Scientist in those cases where the data contributes significantly to a publication. DTU Space must be properly acknowledged when the data is used in publications** and presentations***. Kindly inform the Project Scientist at DTU Space when using the data in presentations, publications or reports and send a copy of all published reports and articles to the Project Scientist at DTU Space to facilitate the documentation of the data's usefulness. When data of the stations MCN, MCG, MCE, MCW, or MCR are used, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the University of Michigan must also be acknowledged.

  3. The data must not be passed on to others or must not be included in a distributed data base without explicit agreement from DTU Space.

  4. The data or products derived from the data must not be used for commercial purposes or in the development of commercial services without the explicit agreement from DTU Space*.

  5. The data and products derived from the data are supplied without warranties, expressed or implicit. In no event shall the DTU Space be held liable for any damage or loss of any kind resulting from the use of the data or derived products.



Thom Edwards, (hardsnow@space.dtu.dk)


E.g.: 'Magnetometer data from the Greenland Magnetometer Array were provided by the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space)'.


Refer to DTU Space as the source of the data.

24 OCTOBER 2020