DTU Space - the national space institute

DTU Space at The Technical University of Denmark is a world leading institute in several fields due to a unique interaction between science, technology and applied research.

We are about 190 employees at DTU Space. We have more than 50 years of experience with space science. We have participated in more than 100 international space missions. We work with both ESA and NASA and a number of national space organizations, universities and private companies. Each year we contribute to about 200 scientific articles and publications.

Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen is affiliated with DTU Space.

Our mission is to create and expand knowledge about Earth and space physics as well as related space technologies for the benefit of society:

We work with many aspecs of space science: With space as the starting point we conduct research, develop technology, advice authorities, educate scientists and engineers (300 students are enrolled). We are exploring our solar system, the universe, the Earth's magnetic field and we monitor the Earth's climate and environment from space. We use spacecrafts, aircrafts, satellites, drones and landbased systems. We develop technologies and instruments for that purpose.

DTU Space is characterized by a close-knit interplay between engineering disciplines and natural science. This combination enables us to deliver unique end-to-end solutions within selected areas, i.e. to both develop the necessary instrumentation and process the collected data to scientific results.

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DTU Space
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Responsible for Communication
DTU Space
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