The Space Calendar 2020

Our international space calendar gives an overview of a few of the space related events and space missions DTU Space participate in. Via the tab on the left side of this page You can find information on other relevant activities at DTU/DTU Space.


In 2020 the launch of NASA's Mars 2020 mission will be a major event for us. For this mission DTU Space have delivered an advanced camera, navigation and computer system. The launch is planned for July/august. The mission will be searching for traces of former life on the red planet.


Our space based climate research at DTU Space will also be enhanced with the launch of the Sentinel-6 Mission also planned to take place in 2020. The mission is a constellation of two identical satellites. Each satellite carries a radar altimeter to provide high-precision and timely observations of the topography of the global ocean. The mission is a cooperation involving NOAA and NASA in the US and ESA, EUMETSAT and CNES in Europe as well research organisations and industries. 


DTU Space will of course also be present at a number of space related conferences here in 2020 presenting new results and technology, namely the EGU 2020 in Vienna in May (CANCELLED DUE TO THE 2020 CORONA-SITUATION) and AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco December (MIGHT BE CANCELLED DUE TO THE 2020 CORONA-SITUATION). 


And in 2021 we hope that the James Webb Space Telescope will be launched. The JWST is the world’s largest space telescope, and it will explore the very first galaxies formed in the Universe. DTU Space participates in the use of data from the mission and has supplied equipment for the telescope - in the form of an ultra-strong carbon fibre construction that supports parts of the telescope.


Here you can find out more about international space missions this year:

ESA's Mission site.

NASA's Launch Schedule site.

At the Skyrocket site that gives a good overview.


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