Partnerships - centres and collaboration

DTU Space hosts centres that work with space related systems and technologies. We also cooperate with public authorities and private companies offering advice and technology development.


DTU Space DroneCenter
DTU Space DroneCenter is coordinating and facilitating research and deveolpement of unmanned systems.

Contact: Michael Linden-Vørnle, leader of DTU Space DroneCenter. 

Security DTU
Security DTU is a multidisciplinary centre for security and defence research and technology.

Contact: Henning Heiselberg, leader of Security DTU.


Cooperation - authorities and companies:

DTU Space is cooperating with public sector authorities and private companies where we offer advice and cooperation on technology development. We assist Danish authorities in their efforts to optimize the use of satelitte based systems. We work with a number of companies in the space sector. Among them are Danish companies like Terma, GomSpace and SkyWatch.

Contact: Niels Andersen, member of DTU Space executive board, head of division for Innovation and Research-based Consultancy.  

Contact: Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen, Head of Secretariat division for Innovation and Research-based Consultancy, DTU Space.  

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Michael Linden-Vørnle
Astrophysicist and Chief Adviser
DTU Space
+4545 25 97 61


Henning Heiselberg
DTU Space
+4545 25 97 60


Niels Andersen
Executive Board – Business and Public Sector
DTU Space
+4545 25 97 83


Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen
Head of European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Denmark
DTU Space
+4545 25 97 21