International Symposium

Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2



The 2nd joint meeting of the International Gravity Field Service and Commission 2 of the International Association of Geodesy will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sep 17-21, 2018.


The science of the earth’s gravity field and its time changes are developing rapidly. From the classical disciplines of geoid determination, geodetic reference systems, navigation and satellite orbit determination, and geophysics and interior earth structure, the gravity field science has in the last decade provided unique data on cryosphere and hydrological changes, and general mass transports in the earth system, primarily due to GRACE satellite mission. At the same time global knowledge of the gravity field details have improved significantly due to the GOCE mission, large-scale airborne gravity campaigns, and the coverage of the oceans by satellite altimetry. New technologies such as cold atom interferometry, miniature gravity sensors, strapdown IMU gravity sensors, and new satellite mission concepts are on the verge of further advancing gravity field science.

The GGHS-2018 symposium aims to bring together geodesists, geophysicists and space scientists who work with gravity field observations from space, airborne and surface, novel gravity field observation technologies, gravity field modelling, fundamental height systems, gravity networks, and gravity field change observations for climate change and hydrology.

The GGHS-2018 is hosted by National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space). The GGHS-2018 follows the successful symposium GGHS-2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece, and a long sequence of bi-annual International Association of Geodesy/International Gravity Field Service meetings since year 2000.

The symposium will be structured around 7 science sessions:

1) Current and future satellite gravity missions
2) Global gravity field modelling
3) Local/regional gravity field modelling
4) Absolute, Relative and Airborne Gravity - observations and methods
5) Height systems and vertical datum unification
6) Satellite altimetry and applications
7) Mass transport and climate-relevant processes


The GGHS-2018 venue will at the “Black Diamond”, a new harbour-side exhibition and library building located in the centre of Copenhagen. It is strongly recommend to book accomodation very early, due to other large conventions in the same period.

We are looking forward to host you in Copenhagen
Rene Forsberg, chair of the LOC