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The new discovery of a precursor to a supermassive black hole can be attributed to data from the Hubble Space Telescope. (Image: Nasa)
02 MAY

Scientists discover the precursor to a supermassive black hole

Gazing back to the early epochs after the Big Bang, scientists, for the first time, have found the ancestor of a supermassive black hole.

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Foto: Bax Lindhardt
04 FEB

Space technology can be used for better breast scans

A special camera designed for space telescopes can also be used in scanners that can detect breast cancer far more effectively than regular mammograms.

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Supernova cosmic ray particles enters the Earth’s atmosphere and produce shower structures of secondary particles. A phenomenon that according to new research has influenced life on Earth over billions of years. (Illustration: H. Svensmark/DTU Space)
19 JAN

Supernovae and life on Earth appears to be closely connected

A link between exploding stars, called supernovae, and life on Earth has been discovered, according to new research from DTU.

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The James Webb Space Telescope lifted off on an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, at 13:20 CET on 25 December. (Photo: ESA)
25 DEC

James Webb successfully launched into space

The James Webb Space Telescope was launched 25 December. DTU Space have contributed with technology and look forward to using the telescope.

The James Webb Space Telescope is ready for launch at the European space port in French Guiana. (Photo: ESA)
22 DEC

James Webb Space Telescope launch has been postponed

The world's largest space telescope to date, with equipment from DTU Space on board, is set to launch 25 December between 13:20 and 13:52 DK time.

Space research
The James Webb Space Telescope is the largest and most complex space telescope ever built. Thousands of parts must work perfectly in a carefully defined sequence when its 6.5 meter large mirror is to be unfolded automatically 1,5 million km from earth. (Photo: NASA)
13 DEC

Huge space mission with DTU contribution ready for launch

One of the largest space projects of this century, the James Webb Space Telescope, has significant danish participation. 

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DTU astrophysicist Hans Ulrik Nørgaard-Nielsen contributed to the Planck-mission (Illustration: ESA/D. Ducros) the  has passed away
24 SEP

DTU astrophysicist Hans Ulrik Nørgaard-Nielsen has died

Obituary: Noted Astrophysicist and senior researcher emeritus at DTU Space, Hans Ulrik Nørgaard-Nielsen, who contributed to several significant discoveries throughout his...

The galaxy clusters, like MACSJ0138.0-2155 here, magnifies and distorts the image of a galaxy, enabling astronomers to study it in great detail. (Illustration: ESA/NASA/Hubble, A. Newman/M. Akhshik/K. Whitaker)
23 SEP

Astronomers discover six distant galaxies that ran out of fuel

Researchers from DTU and the University of Copenhagen have discovered six distant galaxies in the universe, which have run out of fuel to form new stars. How they ran...

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Lars Stenseng has been appointed professor in Satellite Geodesy at DTU Space from September 2021. (Photo: DTU Space/L. Stenseng)
20 SEP

New professor strengthens research in positioning systems

Lars Stenseng has been appointed professor in Satellite Geodesy at DTU Space. He will be working with precise and robust positioning utilizing Global Navigation Satellite...

Information technology Satelittes
SAGA Space Architects
22 JUL

This is how we can live on the moon

In a simulated lunar mission, two architects spent three months in North Greenland testing their fold-out moon habitat. The mission, which was aided by experts from DTU...

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