Picture by Otylia Korczak from Poland who came in the skywalkers junior category in the 2017 Odysseus II contest with this beautiful image called 'Europe in space'. (DTU Space/Odysseus II-contest)

Youngest winners found in European space contest

Tuesday 07 Nov 17


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Children from Austria and France won in the youngest categories in this year's Odysseus II space contest sponsered by the EU, where DTU Space is regional partner. Thousands of children have participated, among them many from the Nordic countries.

The last round of the big European space contest Odysseus II for 7-22 year old children and youngsters has been held. It is the final for school children aged 7 to 13 called the Skywalkers category that have now found it's winners. Here the participants should produce an image illustrating a space theme. Thousands of children submitted contributions.

"This competition clearly show us that there is a lot of young space science talents in Europe"
Morten Garly Andersen, communication responsible at The Danish National Space Institute (DTU Space)

Angelina Makula, from the PG St. Ursula School in Salzburg, Austria wins the Grand Prize among the Junior Skywalkers with an image entitled 'Earth in the future'.Otylia Korczak from Szkoła Podstawowa, in Świątniki Górne, Poland came in second with the picture 'Europe in space' (see it at the top of the article).

Among Senior Skywalkers Kim Hansen, from Collège Stendhal, in Toulouse, France wins the Grand Prize, with 'Seule', picturing a young girl wondering if Earth is the only inhabited planet in the Universe.

Among non-EU Junior Skywalkers the winner is Elçin Ateş from Istanbul, Turkey, with a picture entitled 'Flaming sun'. In the senior category the non-EU winner is Isabela Araujo Jara, from La Florida, Bolivia, with the picture 'En el cosmos'. 

The winners got an iPad and a winners diploma.

More that 3000 participants

All together more than 3000 children and young people have participated in the Odysseus II European Youth Space Contest 2017. 

The grand final was held in Toulouse, France, for the oldest age groups ranging from 14 to 22 years was held this summer. Here some 35 finalists from 11 different countries presented space projects for a panel of international space specialists.

“This competition clearly show us that there is a lot of young space science talents in Europe. From the youngest participants in the Skywalker category to the oldest in the Explorers category we have seen very smart and interesting contributions that promises good for the future of European space science,” said Morten Garly Andersen, communication responsible at The Danish National Space Institute  (DTU Space), who is regional partner on the Odysseus II-project.

In the Explorers category for 17 to 22 year old students the winning team were Catarina Alves and Tomás Silva, both attending the University of Porto in Portugal. They presented a concept for an UV space telescope. In the Pioneers Category for 14 to 19 year old students the winning team were ‘Team Tumbleweed’ consisting of students Moritz Stephan, Stefan Rietzinger and Julian Rothenbuchner from the Sir Karl Popper School, in Vienna, Austria. They presented a project outlining a wind-propelled Mars rover.

Free trip to the European space port

The grand prize for the winners in the Pioneers and Explorers  categories is an all-inclusive trip to the European space port in French Guiana in South America.

DTU Space is the Nordic partner in the project that is a cooperation between 14 European partners funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme with the aim of increasing young europenas interest in space science and natural science.

Read more about the Odysseus contest and the final results here.

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