PhD Bazaar 2021. Credit: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute

The PhD Bazaar 2021 - even more important than before

Wednesday 22 Sep 21


Kim Knudsen
DTU Compute
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Philip John Binning
Senior Vice President, Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs
Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs
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Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard
PhD student
DTU Compute

PhD at DTU Compute

Learn about the PhD School at DTU Compute

The traditional come together day for PhD students was back on track.

Fun with fellow PhD students, strategic discussions, dissemination of PhD projects, and department dinner. Friday 27 August 2021 all DTU Compute’s PhD students were invited to a come together, a networking day, where many of them saw each other for the first time.

During the day they were in team-building groups, as well as they had the opportunity to present their PhD projects in 15 minutes talks, in four minutes pitches, in videos, or in poster sessions.

The PhD school is very important for the education of PhDs at DTU Compute, and therefore Kim Knudsen – Professor and Head of the PhD School - is pleased with the event:

"The last year and a half with Covid-19, lockdowns, home office, cancellations, etc. has been tough for many PhD students, and therefore the PhD Bazaar this year has been even more important than before. The event offers PhD students the opportunity to establish professional network, discuss and present in a friendly environment and socialize, and such experience is crucial for a smooth PhD journey.”

Nice opportunity to meet each other
Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard, who is in her final year as a PhD student in the research section Visual Computing at DTU Compute, also welcomes the day:

"I am extremely happy about all the feedback we have gotten from the PhD students on how to maintain high quality and improve our PhD program. These ideas will pave the way for a bright future for PhD’s at DTU Compute."
Kim Knudsen, Professor and Head of the PhD. School

"The PhD Bazaar was a good opportunity to talk to all the new PhD students who have started during the lockdown, and give them a proper welcome to the department. That is why it was extra important this year to focus on team building, and it was a really good start to the day." 

She herself gave a pitch on her own research area and enjoyed listening to the other presentations:

"I always find it exciting to hear presentations about other people's research projects, and it was great that there was plenty of time to discuss."

Europe’s best PhD education
The new strategic initiative at DTU: Europe’s best PhD education was also discussed and in mini- workshops our students and supervisors/admin gave their perspective to the new strategic initiative.

“I am extremely happy about all the feedback we have gotten from the PhD students on how to maintain high quality and improve our PhD program. These ideas will pave the way for a bright future for PhD’s at DTU Compute Kim Knudsen says.

In a speech, Philip Binning, DTU Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs, lined up some statistical numbers about the PhD students from DTU. He also mentioned that a PhD in Denmark is well paid:

"I did my PhD in the US. I still remember the day when one of my PhD students came and said: “I just bought a house”. I remember shaking my head and thinking ‘Wow’. It is really different from when I took my Ph.D. in the US. We talked about having enough money to go to the cinema or buy a junker, (scrapped car, ed.)"

"This demonstrates, how seriously we as a society take the PhD education in Denmark. You shall remember it because it can be completely different if you go to other places. It also contributes to the fact, that the PhD education is very good.“

The PhD Bazaar 2021 finished with a department dinner for the entire DTU Compute. Have a look at the pictures from the day.

Next week DTU Compute has another PhD event; a kick off seminar for new PhD students, where they also will work with dissemination and storytelling.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next year!

Numbers - PhD Students

  • 68 % of the PhD students from DTU get a job before they defend their thesis. "That is remarkable and fantastic," said Philip Binning.
  • The unemployment is under 2 %, again very positive.
  • Our PhD students finish in time, on average it takes 3.1 years.
  • Around 10 % drop out. It shows our PhD education is very good if we compare it to other European countries.
  • 69 % of DTU PhD papers are the result of international cooperation because we work with the best researchers around the world.
  • At DTU, we also educate our supervisors, which shows we are taking the PhD education very seriously, and want to lift it to a higher level.
Source: DTU

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