Global map of gravity anomalies in Physics Today

Monday 11 May 09
The april issue of the respected scientific journal Physics Today features a full-page global map of gravity anomalies produced by Dr. Ole Andersen and his colleagues at the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark.

By integrating geoid models, satellite data on sea surface heights and land gravity data Dr. Andersen has produced a uniquely detailed mapping of the variations in the global gravity field with a 2 km resolution. Dr. Andersen achieved this by using satellite-based height measurements of the surface of the sea itself to calculate the gravitational field instead of using direct measurements of the gravitational field - and by supplementing these data with the best available mapping of the terrestial gravity field.


The global gravitational map is freely available at the website of the National Space Institute. Already, many scientists from around the world has downloaded the gravity map. Many more is expected to follow as a result of the feature in Physics Today.

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