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Bio4Self wins third award this year

Wednesday 11 Dec 19


Justine Beauson
Development Engineer
DTU Wind Energy

The H2020-project Bio4Self has won a third award this year. The project deals with specialized, bio-based materials.

Earlier this year, the group behind the H2020-project Bio4Self won two different awards: The International JEC Innovation Award for Sustainability in France as well as Techtextil Innovation Award fair in Germany. Now the project has been awarded the “Bioplastics Oscar” at the 14th European Bioplastic Conference. 

Development engineer at DTU Wind Energy, Justine Beauson, is part of the Bio4Self-project, and she is proud to receive the third award this year:

”We know, that Bio4Self is an important project. The project is driven by the wish to tackle environmental issues and work towards the EC Plastics Strategy. We are proud, that others can see the value of the project as well,” she says.

The project deals with specialized materials, that are fully bio-based, easily recyclable, reshapable and even industrially biodegradable. The composites are produced using one type of material: polylactic acid or PLA, a thermoplastic bio-polyester derived from renewable resources such as agricultural waste, non-food crops or sugar cane.

Besides DTU Energy, the other partners include Centexbel (Belgium), Comfil (Denmark) and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Germany).

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