Sea ice

DTU Space monitors the extent of sea ice in the polar regions. This benefits both climate research and shipping.

Scientists at DTU Space have extensive experience in the speedy procurement, use and distribution of satellite images of the sea ice in the polar regions. The images are used to monitor developments in the ice sheet, which in recent years has shrunk dramatically, and to find out how climate change is affecting the polar regions.

The satellite images are also useful to the shipping sector, which is interested in knowing the extent of the sea ice and the number of icebergs present in a given area.

DTU Space is involved in ESA’s satellite mission Cryosat-2. This satellite is measuring the thickness of the ice cap and the sea ice and map variations in the thickness. The Institute have contributed to the project, among other things, by carrying out airborne measurements in Greenland that were used to verify that the functionality of the satellite.