The Earth's physics and geodesy

DTU Space uses satellites to study and measure the Earth's magnetic and gravity fields, and the Institute is working on improving the accuracy of satellite navigation systems such as the American GPS and the European Galileo system.

Studies of the magnetic field generate knowledge about what is happening in the Earth’s core, where the field is created. They also help scientists determine the importance of the constant variations in the magnetic field, for example how these phenomena affect electronics in satellites and astronauts orbiting the Earth. 

Exact models of the Earth’s gravity field can, among other things, help to expose hidden occurrences of oil, water or minerals in the substratum. Gravity is one of the factors affecting global ocean currents. DTU Space contributes towards the European satellite mission GOCE by developing methods for using the mission’s gravity field measurements, among other things to map the Earth’s ocean currents with the aim of devising better climate models.

Finally, DTU Space conducts research into the use of global satellite systems such as GPS and the coming European Galileo system. The Institute is working on improving the accuracy of these systems by examining the effect of variations in atmospheric conditions. DTU Space also carries out research into the use of GPS together with different forms of wireless communication, among other things for use in the transport sector.