Scientists at DTU Space have developed a magnetometer that can measure the size and direction of a planet’s magnetic field. The magnetometer has already been used aboard several missions to measure the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Institute’s magnetometer is the world’s most stabile and accurate magnetometer for measuring global magnetic fields from space. 

The magnetometer has already been aboard several missions for the purpose of measuring Earth’s magnetic field, including the Danish Ørsted satellite and the European Swarm mission, which consists of three satellites.


Facts about the magnetometer:
The magnetometer measures the direction and the size of global magnetic fields from space and is the most accurate and reliable of its kind in the world.

Magnetometers are used in geophysics, space and planetary physics. 

Missions that have used the Danish magnetometer

Astrid-2: Swedish mission 1998-1999
Ørsted: Danish mission 1999-2013
CHAMP: German mission 2000-2010
SAC-C: Danish/Argentinean/American mission launched in 2000