Arctic Testbed

The objective of the Arctic Testbed is to study, develop and implement a testbed that will be used to demonstrate improved satellite navigation in the Arctic region.
The Arctic Testbed will be an SBAS system. As there are limitations in coverage of geostationary satellites in the Arctic, the broadcast to users will be by alternative radio means, e.g. terrestrial systems or Iridium.

The Arctic Testbed will include GPS and GLONASS, and in the future also Galileo.

The Arctic Testbed will utilize reference station data from the Arctic region. This will also allow monitoring the specifics of the ionosphere in the Arctic region, e.g. scintillation effects.

The Arctic Testbed project is initiated by ESA. Kongsberg Seatex is assigned as prime contractor, heading a team of eight partners: DTU, GMV, Logica, NMA, Septentrio, TAS-F, Terma and UofC