ASIM as cartoon and in graphics

ASIM is mounted at the outside of ISS at the Columbus-module for scientific equipment. (Illustration: ESA):

ASIM forklaret som tegneserie (Illustration: ESA, april 2018)


Here are the lightning and gammarays that ASIM will explore from ISS 400 km above the Earth. (Graphics: DTU Space)

ASIM will be looking into thunder and lightning phenomena from the International Space Station, ISS. (Illustration: DTU Space)


The ASIM mission was launched 2 april 2018. The mission is realized through the European Space Agency, ESA. The National Space Institute of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space) provides the scientific leadership. The Danish company Terma has the technical leadership. Other major partners include the University of Valencia in Spain, and the University of Bergen in Norway.
24 OCTOBER 2020