Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Longterm Environmental Studies (Integrated Project)



The project aims at reducing the uncertainties in our understanding of climate change in the Arctic and their impacts. The Arctic over the last 2-3 decades has warmed more than other regions of the world, and the sea-ice cover has decreased significantly in the same period. A first-order scientific and societal question is whether the Arctic perennial sea- ice will disappear in a few decades (or even faster, as predicted by some state-of-art climate models). DAMOCLES is specifically concerned with the potential for a significantly reduced sea ice cover, and the impacts this might have on the environment and on human activities, both regionally and globally. 


DTU will participate in the sea ice monitoring programme with: 

  1. Ice motion and deformation fields from several satellite sensors satellites
  2. Sea ice emissivity and backscatter coefficient determination
  3. Integrated retrieval of surface and atmospheric parameters from multi spectral microwave radiometer measurements
  4. Data management and distribution.