Water is mankind’s most critical natural resource. Danish companies are leading players in the global multi-billion market for water engineering and consulting. To stay competitive, the Danish water industry must exploit the vast opportunities provided by space-based earth observation and remote sensing. New technology will for the first time enable the accurate retrieval of the global, regional and local water budgets from combined spaceborne and ground-based gravity surveys.

The objectives of HYDROGRAV are threefold: 

  • To understand the relationship between hydrological and gravity signals over a range of scales.
  • To demonstrate the utility of gravity surveys for hydrological analysis in target regions in Denmark and Africa.
  • To enhance the spatial resolution of GRACE data to the limit and make gravity survey data routinely accessible and exploitable to the Danish water resources consulting industry.


Contact persons



You can read about the background for the project here(.pdf).





DTU Institut for Environment and Ressources 
Building 115, DTU, 2100 Lyngby  



Key Persons

Peter Bauer-Gottwein focuses on the application of geophysical methods in hydrology and hydrogeology. His background includes both disciplines relevant for HYDROGRAV, hydrology and geophysics. He has several years of research experience and a very strong personal network in the Okavango Delta target region.


Dan Rosbjerg is a world-renowned hydrologist with several decades of research experience. In the 1990s, Dan Rosbjerg headed the Groundwater Research Centre at E&R, DTU for several years. He has long-standing experience in project management and leadership.


Philip J. Binning is a hydrogeologist with a strong background in mathematical modeling and numerical methods. His expertise will be highly valuable for the modeling component of HYDROGRAV. He has long-standing research and project management/leadership experience.  



DHI – Water and Environment

Agern Alle 5, 2970 Hørsholm



Key Person  

Mike B. Butts is senior hydrologist and head of innovation of the largest Danish water resources consulting company, DHI Water & Environment. He has a strong research background in the field of hydrology. DHI is one of the key end users of HYDROGRAV project results and Mike B. Butts will ensure the link to industrial application and commercialization of project deliverables. 




Parallelvej 2, 2800 Lyngby



Key Person

Mads J. Møller is a leading player in COWI’s geophysics department. He has several years of experience with gravity surveys and other geophysical methods. Geophysical surveys, particularly in Africa, constitute an important business opportunity for COWI. Time-lapse gravity methods will be a key enhancement for COWI’s geophysical expertise.




Summary of Startup Meeting 18 Jan 2007

Summary of Second Meeting, 11 June 2007


Ole Baltazar Andersen
DTU Space
+45 45 25 97 54