ICE-ARC: monitoring changes in arctic sea ice

DTU Space is a partener in the EU  FP7 project, ICE-ARC, which is led by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). The project aims to monitor and observe changes in the arctic sea ice, including the socio-economic impact of these changes.

Part of the basis for these studies is data collection using planes, ships and measurements directly on the surface of the ice. The first field survey has been completed, with the participation of Sine M. Hivdegaard from  DTU Space's Division for Geodynamics. The campaign focused on measuring the sea ice around the research ship 'Lance' which is currently ploughing through the sea ice north of Svalbard. The areas north and east of Greenland were also re-surveyed to continue a time series of previous measurements in these areas.

The collaboration between the BAS researchers, pilots and crews, and the participants from  DTU Space, resulted in a wealth of data from the tracks shown on the map above (click on the arrows to advance the slide show). Laser scanners, radar altimeters and cameras were just some of the equipment mounted on the Twin-Otter survey plane. The pictures show the plane in the town Longyear, Svalbard, with a GPS receiver in the foreground. The research ship 'Lance' is seen during a survey from the ship.

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