The EU FP7 MONARCH-A (MONitoring and Assessing Regional Climate change in High latitudes and the Arctic) project occupies an extremely important niche in the current structure of Earth observations projects at high latitudes. 

Adopting an Earth system approach the MONARCH-A project executes systematic provision of tailored information and products to assist climate change research. MONARCH-A generates and make available reliable, up-to-date scientific input for the elaboration and implementation of European and international policies and strategies on climate change and society. The MONARCH-A information package is based on generation of time series of observation datasets and reanalyses of past observational data enabling adequate descriptions of the status and evolution of the high latitude and Arctic region Earth system components.

DTU’s contribution:

Changes in sea level and ocean circulation.

Lack of long in situ time series at adequate spatial and temporal coverage are challenging our knowledge of ocean changes in Arctic Ocean circulation, sea level and sea ice cover. As an example, the causes of ongoing or past major sea ice volume changes are not adequately known, nor do we know in detail the variability of the Arctic Ocean in the past or what causes a drift in the Arctic system observed now over several decades. In fact, several current estimates of the circulation in the high latitude and Arctic Ocean exhibit significant differences in their basic description of the flow field. Regarding sea level change in the high latitude and Arctic region, neither the mean nor the regional variations are accurately known.


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