(Multi-Versatile Exploration Drone)

Goal and Vision for the project

Getting reliable geophysical and geological 3D models of the subsurface is an absolute necessity for successful resources exploration and requires the integration of surface geology with various detailed geophysical data, such as magnetic data, gammaray spectroscopy data, hyperspectral data, and topography data. Today mineral exploration is often hampered by very expensive surveying methods from helicopter or by incomplete and time-consuming surveys from ground personnel.

In the MuVerDrone project, we intend to develop a general purpose UAV-based survey platform for sustainable raw materials exploration.

We intend to integrate, hardware and software-wise, various geophysical sensors on both hybrid CVTOL and fixed-wing UAVs and multirotor UAVs, including magnetometers (a towed single-sensor bird and a front-stinger mounting solutions), hyperspectral, Lidar, gamma ray. The multi-versatile UAV platforms will be tested at three sites: northern Sweden, northern Norway and in France.


People at DTU Space:

Arne Døssing Andreasen, Senior Scientist, Geomagnetism Department

Eduardo Lima Simões da Silva, Res. Asst., Geomagnetism Department (elect-mech aerospace engineer)

Lars William Pedersen, Geomagnetism Department (Geomagnetic instrumentation engineer)

Johannes Linde, Geodesy, Electro engineer

Jakob Jakobsen, Senior Consultant, Geodesy

Maria Tammelin Gleerup, Geomagnetism Department (Project coordinator)


People at partner companies:

Thorkild Mack Rasmussen, LTU (Professor in Geophysics)

Jesper Holst, Sky-Watch A/S, Project Manager

Guillaume Martelet, BRGM, Geophysicist

Casper Mejer, Ofoten Minerals, Geologist









Arne Døssing Andreasen
Senior Researcher
DTU Space
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Eduardo Lima Simões da Silva
Research Assistant
DTU Space


Daniel Haugård Olesen
Assistant Professor
DTU Space
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Vamsi Krishna
Aerospace engineer
DTU Space
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Jirigalatu Jirigalatu
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