Satellite Eye for Galathea 3

Galathea 3 is the largest Danish research expedition for more than 50 years. Its purpose is to strengthen Danish research - not only through the research projects which make up the expedition, but also by recruiting for the next generation of researchers.


Satellite Eye For Galathea is a website communicating data from the Galathea expedition to Danish Pupils.

One of the most significant things that has happened since the last Galathea expedition is the advance in surveillance of the environment by satellites. The Internet has also made it possible to convey satellite images in near real time. Danish schools and more and more Danish pupils are also now well equipped with computers and have Internet access, meaning that they are able to use this information in their everyday life at school. The data is provided by the environmental satellite, ENVISAT. It was launched in 2002 and collects data about the global environment. The purpose is to determine the causes of changes to the climate. The satellite will continue its mission until 2012. 


Our part in the Galathea 3 project is to distribute satellite data from the Galathea 3 expedition by means of various technologies, thus providing live daily coverage of the ship's route and of various selected areas along the way. Apart from satellite images of following the path of the expedition, the satellite database contains some of the observations and measurements which our scientists are making along the way - e.g. sea temperatures, phytoplankton, prevalence of ice and thickness of the ozone layer.