SEa ice in the Antarctic LInked with OceaN-atmosphere forcing.
The aim of this project is to assess and improve the performance of coupled global atmosphere-sea ice-ocean models (AOGCMs) in reproducing sea ice in the high southern latitudes. This will be achieved by: 
  • deriving data sets of sea ice concentration and motion using remote sensing techniques. 
  • performing selected runs with a sophisticated high-resolution dynamic-thermodynamic sea ice model, which will be optimized with the data sets derived within this project.  
  • analyzing the output of coupled global AOGCM runs. An improved parameterization of the thermodynamic and dynamic processes for the Southern Ocean sea ice is only feasible with improved sea ice concentration and velocity data.

Therefore, the objectives of this proposal are:

  • To develop data sets (time series) of ice drift and concentration for the SMMR and SSM/I period (1978-1999) (Remote Sensing Part) (DTU contribution) 
  • To derive an optimized dynamic-thermodynamic sea ice model for the use in coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models for climate research (Modeling Part).