DTU Space udvikler dronesystemer til brug til bl.a. monitorering Arktis. (Foto: DTU Space)

Innovation and Consultancy

The division Innovation and Research-based Consultancy (IFR) works on public sector consultancy projects that benefit Danish business and society. We also assist private companies with space related innovation and advice.

DTU Space is cooperating with public sector authorities and private companies where we offer advice and cooperation on technology development and innovation. We assist Danish authorities in their efforts to optimize the use of satelitte based systems. We work with a number of companies in the space sector, among them are Danish companies like Terma, GomSpace and SkyWatch. Apart from that the IFR-divison is also the host of two DTU centres:


Security DTU:

A multidisciplinary centre for security and defence research and technology.

Security DTU homepage.


DTU Space Drone Center:


The Space Drone Centerhas been formed with the following goals:

  • To co-ordinate and facilitate research and development of unmanned flying units that meet concrete needs of DTU, danish businesses and danish authorities, and thereby contribute to the country's wealth.
  • To provide more opportunities for DTU's  researchers to use unmanned flying systems - both platforms and sensors - for research.
  • To act as an interface between DTU and external collaborators and thereby build a strategic network with relevant participants in this area

The center plans to use and develope existing research-based capabilities at DTU to further the development of specific areas that willl supplement the industrial production of complete unmanned units. It will also support and advise danish authorities and companies that use, or want to use, unmanned flying systems.

 DTU Space DroneCenter is based at DTU Space in the division for Innovation and Research-based Consultancy (IFR), with senior research advisor Michael Linden-Vørnle as its leader.

The DTU Space DroneCenter homepage


Niels Andersen
Executive Board – Business and Public Sector
DTU Space
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