Global Gravity Field Model

The global gravity field model shows the gravity variations over the global ocean as mapped by satellite.
On land the field have been augmented with the best available terrestial gravity field com complete global coverage.Gravity changes are mainly caused by the changes in the attraction of mass under the surface

DTU10 ocean wide gravity field mapped with a resolution of 1 minute by 1 minute corresponding to 2 minute by 2 minute resolution at Equator. 


DNSC08 Gravity - PDF presentation / PPS presentation

From DNSC08 to DTU10 - PDF presentation

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Author in charge:  Ole B. Andersen.

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Andersen, O. B., P. Knudsen and P. Berry (2010) The DNSC08GRA global marine gravity field from double retracked satellite altimetry, Journal of Geodesy, Volume 84, Number 3, DOI: 10.1007/s00190-009-0355-9.

Andersen, O. B., The DTU10 Gravity field and Mean sea surface (2010), Second international symposium of the gravity field of the Earth (IGFS2), Fairbanks, Alaska.