Integral data

The ESA INTEGRAL (INTErnational Gamma RAy Laboratory) satellite has been in orbit since October 2002.
DTU Space has built the two instruments JEM-X, that are the X-ray monitors onboard INTEGRAL,
and is therefore responsible for its maintenance and the development of the its data analysis software.

All public data of every INTEGRAL instrument are available from ISDC (INTEGRAL Science Data Centre) near Geneva in Switzerland.

The internet site of ISDC provides more info about the INTEGRAL mission, the data format and the analysis software.

This figure shows a 1-hour light curve made by JEM-X during the observation of a remarkably long X-ray burst from the source GX 3+1 August 31, 2004


 As an example of the products obtained from these data, the picture below shows a mosaic of images taken by JEM-X during a long observation of the Galactic Bulge in 2006. The X-ray sources visible in the 10-25 keV energy range are indicated in green.