The Universe and our Solar System

The researchers at DTU Space are currently working make an all-sky map of the Universe so as to understand its origin and related subjects. This field is called `cosmology’, which is the study of the Universe, its origin and large scale structure.

Mathematical and physical models and tools are used to describe the complex interconnectioned processes that drive the Universes creation and evolution. Space-based technology and instruments provide the basis for the research at DTU’s Space Institute, and with these specialized and refined techniques we have achieved concrete results and greater insight into the endless space that surrounds us. Amongst other things, this research has confirmed and fine-tuned various cosmological theories such as the Hot Big Bang.

Galaxies and stars are studied both individually and on large scales. Their composition is being analyzed and better understood every day. New technology is thus the underpinning that makes it possible for us to study extremely distant galaxies, when from Earth only 3 galaxies, outside our own Milky Way, are even visible to the human eye.

By both space based and earth based telescopes we can also identify and characterize exoplanets in our Milky Way.