John Leif Jørgensen

John Leif Jørgensen

Professor and Head of Measurement and Instrumentation

National Space Institute

Measurement and Instrumentation

Technical University of Denmark


Building 327, room 122

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +45 45 88 71 33
ORCID 0000-0002-0343-239X

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News from DTU

28 JUN

Shaping the Digital Chemist

No less than 14 PhDs have begun their work and training in a European network on computational spectroscopy with strong DTU Chemistry participation.

Med et 'Boarding Pass' til Mars-2020-missionen, kan man få sit navn med til Mars, lover NASA. (Illustration: NASA/MGA/DTU Space)
28 MAY

DTU equipment on board NASA’s next big mission to Mars

NASA will soon launch its Mars 2020 mission to the red planet with DTU equipment on board. Already now NASA is offering people across the planet a boarding pass for the mission.

Space research Space technology and instruments The Solar system
Photo: NASA
12 DEC

Measuring the world’s forests from space

NASA has now initiated a new space mission to measure Earth’s forests and other biomass with razor-sharp precision through the help of DTU Space.

Earth observation Space technology and instruments Climate change
Map of Jupiter with an indication of its poles and its very special magnetic field. Illustration: Nature/NASA/DTU Space
06 SEP

NASA and DTU make big discovery on Jupiter

According to new research from the Juno mission published in Nature with participation from DTU Space, the dynamo forming the magnetic field around Jupiter is much stronger and more uneven than what has been observed on the other planets of the solar system.

Space research
Illustration: NASA
18 MAY

DTU on high-precision climate mission in space

DTU is playing a major role in the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) climate mission which NASA is scheduled to send into space from California within the next few days.

Climate change Earth observation Space technology and instruments
Photo: NASA
23 APR

TESS launched to find new planets in the Milky Way

NASA’s TESS mission, in which DTU participates, was launched safely into space on Thursday to explore exoplanets in the Milky Way.

Space research Astrophysics Space technology and instruments
Illustration: NASA
23 APR

Search for ‘Earth-sized’ exoplanets

NASA’s TESS mission takes the next big step in the exploration of exoplanets in the Milky Way with help from DTU. The purpose of the project is to locate planets that revolve around the brightest stars and determine their atmospheric composition and size.

Space research Astrophysics Satelittes
DTU Chemistry - Cosine
18 JAN

Shaping the Digital Chemist of Tomorrow

No less than 14 new PhD’s will be recruited and trained in a European network on computational spectroscopy with strong DTU Chemistry participation.

Rink Glacier in Greenland. Photo: NASA/OIB.
21 DEC

Unique climate mission to end as an impressive shooting star

DTU Space has made a big scientific contribution to NASA’s climate research mission GRACE, which is now ending after 15 years.

Space research Satelittes Climate change Ice research
The FormoSat-5 satellite, showing the DTU Space star trackers at the top. Illustration: Formosat-5/Wikipedia
11 SEP

DTU equipment on board Taiwan’s first satellite in space

Taiwan has launched its first domestically designed satellite which will be used for Earth observation. DTU has supplied the three star trackers which are used to precisely navigate the satellite.

Earth observation Satelittes
John Leif Jørgensen at DTU's mini Moon and Mars landing test facility. Photo: Mikal Schlosser
28 JUN

I’d like to be a space tourist

Five events have influenced the carreer of John Leif Jørgensen from DTU Space. Read how he experienced the Apollo launch and became inspired by Danish adventurer Troels Kløvedal, Einstein, and the night sky.

Space research
Illustration: NASA
08 JUN

DTU Space launches new technology on the hunt for neutron stars

NASA’s recently launched NICER mission—which is to obtain new knowledge about extreme stars in the Milky Way—includes new Danish navigation technology and an exciting scientific task.

Space research Astrophysics Space technology and instruments
Isuru Udugama
31 MAY

Isuru Udugama wins award for best post-grad presentation

At the IChemE conference in Auckland, New Zealand, DTU Chemical Engineering’s own postdoc Isuru Udugama took home an award for a presentation on economic risk analysis on process control.
23 FEBRUARY 2020