Nils Olsen

Nils Olsen

Professor -head of Geomagnetism

National Space Institute


Technical University of Denmark


Building 356, room 006

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +45 45 25 97 01
ORCID 0000-0003-1132-6113
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News from DTU

Illustration: ESA
03 MAY

The contribution of oceans to the Earth's magnetic field

Researchers from DTU reveal new surprising details about the contribution of the oceans to the Earth’s magnetic field.

Earth's magnetic field Space research Satelittes
Mapping of the 'lithospheric magnetic field' in the Earth crust with colors indicating the varying strengh of the magnetic field in the unit Tesla (Image: ESA)
23 MAR

Upper part of Earth’s magnetic field reveals a dramatic past

New research based on data from the European Swarm-satellites maps details of the Earth's magnetic field that reveals a possible meteorite impact in Africa some 540 million years ago and increase the knowledge about flipping poles in the past.

Earth's magnetic field
Illustration: ESA/EOS
30 SEP

Strange blackouts hits Space satellites near Equator

Researchers have been puzzled by regular blackouts in the GPS navigation system on the European Swarm satellites where DTU Space leads the international scientific cooperation. The loss of signals occurs in particular when the satellites pass the equator between Africa and South-America. The reason is wild space weather.

Earth's magnetic field
03 APR

First Swarm results make front page news

The three Swarm satellites have made the front page of the renowned international journal "Geophysical Research Letters", thanks to the first mathematical model of the Earth's magnetic field, based on the high-resolution magnetic measurements made by the satellites. Nils Olsen from DTU Space heads the international team that has calculated...

Earth observation Satelittes
Matematisk model af Jordens magnetiske felt
02 FEB

New international reference model builds on DTU Space data

The newly released International Geomagnetic Reference Field is based on Swarm data and DTU Space know-how

Earth observation Satelittes
Swarm satellites mapping the Earth's magnetic field
05 JAN

DTU Space leads Danish research results in 2014

The Danish technical monthly 'Ingeniøren' (The Engineer), has named two research projects from DTU Space amongst its top five research results of 2014, and it was a DTU Space project that was crowned the research breakthrough of 2014.

29 NOV

Successful launch of Swarm satellites

A swarm of satellites is now voyaging through space, carrying a range of Danish equipment.

Space research
28 OCTOBER 2020