Jérôme Chenevez

Jérôme Chenevez

Associate Professor

National Space Institute

Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics

Technical University of Denmark


Building 327, room 214

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +45 45 25 95 75
E-mail jerome@space.dtu.dk
ORCID 0000-0002-4397-8370
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This illustration shows how material is being dragged from the blue 'host star' towards a neutron star by the latters’ huge field of gravity and resulting in a nuclear reaction on the surface of the neutron star. (Illustration: NASA)
14 AUG

Scientists compile huge catalogue of wild explosions in space

DTU has contributed to an international study that has examined decades of X-ray data and created the world’s largest collection of thermonuclear explosions on neutron stars in the Milky Way. More than 200.000 observations have been analysed. The study has been published in Astrophysical Journal Supplements.

Space research Astrophysics
Illustration: ESA 2002/Medialab
18 OCT

DTU researchers involved in historic discovery in outer space

The INTEGRAL space craft has measured signals originating from a collision of two neutron stars. For the first time ever, gravitational waves and gamma rays have been recorded from the same event. With the discovery of this phenomenon, which Einstein predicted, and for which the Nobel prize was recently awarded, the DTU researchers have...

Illustration: NASA
08 JUN

DTU Space launches new technology on the hunt for neutron stars

NASA’s recently launched NICER mission—which is to obtain new knowledge about extreme stars in the Milky Way—includes new Danish navigation technology and an exciting scientific task.

Space research Astrophysics Space technology and instruments
Illustration: ESA
09 FEB

Student observed astronomical sensation

Louise Vandbæk Kroer was only meant to be working with a researcher for a single semester—but the collaboration ended in universal delight.

Space research The Solar system
Mosaikbillede fra JEM-X instrumenterne på ESA INTEGRAL satellit viser området tæt på Mælkevejens centrum med to nye røntgen kilder
26 NOV

Busy astrophysicist discovers two new x-ray sources

September and October were very busy months for Jérôme Chenevez, an astrophysicist at DTU Space.Hidden in recent data from ESA's INTEGRAL satellite he discovered a signal from an unknown source, which behaves as though it might be a neutron star - and just over a month later he repeated his success by finding a new black hole...

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