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News from DTU

Illustration: ESA
03 MAY

The contribution of oceans to the Earth's magnetic field

Researchers from DTU reveal new surprising details about the contribution of the oceans to the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Illustration: European Space Agency (ESA).
22 DEC

DTU researchers find river of molten iron in the Earth’s core

Deep down in the Earth’s core a massive river of molten iron is moving westward under Alaska and Siberia at increasing speed. The remarkable movement have been detected with very precise data from the European Swarm satellites.

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Surfaces of the liquid metal region surrounded by magnetic field lines represent consequent moments of the modeled geomagnetic reversal. The big sphere is the close up of the surface of the liquid core in the first snapshot. (Image: J. Favre, A. Sheyko).
10 NOV

Earth’s magnetic field under the ‘simulation magnifying glass’

Earth’s magnetic field has reversed direction hundreds of times in the course of our planet’s history. But the cause of those reversals remains unclear. 4 million CPU hours of simulations on the ‘Piz Daint’ supercomputer at CSCS offer fresh clues that point to a phenomenon called ‘dynamo waves’ playing...

Earth's magnetic field
Illustration: ESA/DTU Space/ATG Medial AB
09 MAR

New theory about the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet and its 1,300 satellites against particles from outer space, is becoming weaker and weaker. A DTU researcher may have pinpointed the reason why.

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03 APR

First Swarm results make front page news

The three Swarm satellites have made the front page of the renowned international journal "Geophysical Research Letters", thanks to the first mathematical model of the Earth's magnetic field, based on the high-resolution magnetic measurements made by the satellites. Nils Olsen from DTU Space heads the international team that has calculated...

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Matematisk model af Jordens magnetiske felt
02 FEB

New international reference model builds on DTU Space data

The newly released International Geomagnetic Reference Field is based on Swarm data and DTU Space know-how

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11 OCT

New knowledge about Earth’s magical magnetic field

A DTU researcher and his French colleagues are one step closer to explaining what is going on deep inside the Earth. In a recently published article in Nature, they explain how the Earth’s magnetic field is formed and describe how it impacts the surface.

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