Allan Hornstrup

Allan Hornstrup

Afdelingsleder for Astrofysik og Atmosfærefysik

Institut for Rumforskning og Rumteknologi

Astrofysik og atmosfærefysik

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Bygning 327, rum 206

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax 45 25 95 75
ORCID 0000-0002-3363-0936

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1976 - 1985
Math, Phys, astronomy, Copenhagen University
1985 - 1985
Educational Theory and Practice, math, phys, Ministry of Education
1986 - 1989
Lic Techn (PhD), Technical University of Denmark
2009 -
Educational Supervisor, Technical University of Denmark
2010 - 2012
The DTU Management and Leadership Training Program, DTU
2012 - 2012
Innovation Leadership, Univ. Cal. Berkeley
2012 - 2014
Exec. MBA, DTU Business

Akademiske Grader

Cand Scient (MSc)
Lic Techn (PhD)


1985 - 1985
Ministry of Education, Pædagogikum
1985 - 1986
Danish Space Research Institute, Scientist
1986 - 1989
Danmarks Tekniske Højskole, Licentiat
1989 - 1997
Danish Space Research Institute, Project Scientist
1997 - 2003
Danish Space Research Institute, Head of IT section
2003 - 2006
Danish National Space Center, Astrophysics Scientist (partly on leave)
2006 - 2007
Danish National Space Center, Astrophysics Scientist
2007 -
National Space Institute, Head of Astrophysics section
2008 - 2013
DTU Space, National Space Institute, Educational Coordinator
2010 -
DTU Space, National Space Institute, Educational Supervisor
2008 - 2017
DTU Space, National Space Institute, IT responsible
2012 - 2018
DTU Space, National Space Institute, Director of study, bachelor in Earth and Space Physics and Engineering, , DTU Space, National Space Institute, , Start: 2012, Slut: [slet]
2015 -
DTU Space, National Space Institute, Head of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics


Danish, English, German, some French and Portuguese


Usage of international research infrastructures such as optical telescopes, X-ray and synchrotron facilities and space instruments.
X-ray instrumentation
X-ray analysis of clusters of galaxies
Large scale structure of the universe
Member of Danish Corpse of Physics Censors (2003-).
Visiting teacher at Copenhagen University (Astrophysics).
Director of study at bachelor education ESPE at DTU.
Innovation - in particular regarding strategy, economics, organisation, marketing and implementation
Educational supervisor at DTU.

International erfaring

Publications (2019): 236, h-index: 72 (ADS).

TIC (Technical Implementation Committee) chairman for SRG project (1990-2000)
Chair of In-Flight Calibration Group on SRG project (1995-2000)
Member of International Science Operations Group, SRG project (1995-2000)
CoI on INTEGRAL science data center, Geneva (1994-1999)
Member of NuSTAR Science Team (2008-)
CoI on JANUS (a NASA SMEX project).
CoI on MIRI science team, a JWST instrument
Associate Scientist on the PLANCK mission (2009-2019)
Member of Euclid Consortium Board 
Member of LISA Consortium Executive board 
Member of the ARIEL consortium
ESO (European Southern Observatory) Council delegate

Anden information

CoI on DAWN - a Danish National Research Foundation Center.

Member of committees, boards etc:
Member of board for Ground Based Astronomical Instrument Centre (IJAF) (-2002).
Member of Danish Astronomical Committee (2002- ).
Member of board for Instrument Center for Danish Astronomy (IDA) (2007- ).
Member of board for Danish Space Research Institute ( 1998-2003).
Member of board for Technical University of Denmark (2007-2008).
Appointed author and editor of The Great Danish Encyclopedia (1995-2008).
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