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DTU Space

National Space Institute

DTU Space uses space as a base for research and technology development in order to learn more about the Universe and Earth, to study climate and environment on Earth and create results and technologies that benefit society.



European space contest for students 7-22 years
Swarm. Copyright: ESA
A three-satellite constellation maps the geomagnetic field
ASIM instrumentet monteret på ISS, set direkte nedenfra

Denmarks space-based storm chaser

NICER focussing mirrors close up

How to see neutron stars from the International Space Station

ICE-ARC kortlægningsruter for arktisk havis

Monitoring changes in arctic sea ice

Video taken by Juno's danish startrackers as it passed the Earth and Moon on its way to Jupiter

European x-ray and gamma-ray space telescope...

still going strong after all these years

Going beyond the success of Cryosat