Magnetic Field Models

Model name




CHAOS-5 The CHAOS-5 - A high resolution geomagnetic field model spanning 1997-2015, derived primarily from Swarm, CHAMP, and Ørsted satellite magnetic data along with ground observatory data
model coeffients Finlay et al. 2014
CHAOS-4 The CHAOS-4 - A high resolution geomagnetic field model derived from CHAMP, Ørsted,
SAC-C and ground observatory data

model coeffients Olsen et al. 2014
COV-OBS The COV-OBS model - A geomagnetic field model spanning 1840 - 2010 derived from observatory and satellite data, including model covariance matrix
model coeffients Gillet et al. 2013
CHAOS-3 The CHAOS-3 geomagnetic field model and candidates for the 11th generation IGRF
model coeffients Olsen et al. 2010
CHAOS-2 CHAOS-2 - A Geomagnetic Field Model Derived from one Decade of Continuous Satellite Data model coefficients Olsen et al. 2009
xCHAOS xCHAOS - the extended CHAOS model xCHAOS.cof Olsen and Mandea, 2008
VM-CHAMP Model based on CHAMP monthly mean values at a regular grid of "virtual observatories"   Olsen and Mandea, 2007
CHAOS CHAOS - A Model of Earth's Magnetic Field derived from CHAMP, Ørsted, and SAC-C magnetic satellite data CHAOS.cof Olsen et al., 2006
Oersted (09d/04) Candidate Models for IGRF2005 Oersted(09d/04) Olsen et al, 2005a Olsen et al, 2005b
  Models presented at the EGU conference, April 2004, Nice    
  Models presented at the EGS/AGU conference, April 2003, Nice    
  Candidates for DGRF1995 and DGRF2000   Olsen et al, 2005
IDEMM IDEMM: International Decade Earth Magnetic Model oersted_05m_02.cof  
CO2 CO2: A CHAMP magnetic field model CO2.cof CO2_plus.cof Holme and Olsen, 2003
OSVM Ørsted Main and Secular Variation Model OSVM.cof Olsen, 2002
OIFM Ørsted Initial Field Model OIFM.dat Olsen et al, 2000
IGRF2000 IGRF 2000   Olsen et al, 2000