Research and technology development

We link natural science closely with the development of new technology and work with both Earth observation and exploration of the universe. 

We use satellites, spacecrafts, drones and airplanes to study phenomena on Earth and in space.

We handle the process from the first idea until an instrument is built and launched into space to retrieve data that our researchers analyse and publish. We present our knowledge in scientific publications, at conferences, through the media, and presentations to decision-makers and the general public.

We participate in missions with ESA, NASA, national space organisations, and universities in many parts of the world.

collaboration and innovation

At DTU Space, we interact extensively with industries, authorities, universities, and space organisations in Denmark and internationally. We focus on collaboration and innovation so our science and technology results can be translated into knowledge and solutions that benefits society and people. We work, for example, with advice on streamlining infrastructure in Greenland and Denmark. We have a centre that supports start-up companies based on space data and space technology. And through international collaborations, we ensure a high level of competencies among our researchers and the graduates from DTU, enabling them to apply their knowledge beyond the space industry.

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