ASIM-mission ready for launch at Kennedy Space Center, Florida 2018. (ESA/ DTU Space/Terma).

Research - DTU Space is part of the international elite

DTU Space is engaged in both basic research and technology development activities, and the Institute is characterised by strong interaction between technology and science.

DTU Space consists of five research divisions and two centres. All divisions contribute to research, teaching and outreach within the different areas of expertise at the institute. Mechanical and electronic workshops as well as clean room facilities support functions are integrated in the divisions.

We use satellites and space probes to study Earth and space. The institute is engaged both in developing, building, and testing technology for international space projects and in analyzing scientific data from missions and publish science results. Each year we produce or contribute to about  200 scientific articles and publications.

We are a part of an international elite. Most of the projects at DTU Space are carried out in cooperation with other national research institutions around the world, as well as with ESA and NASA.

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