About us

Foto: DTU Space

We have been exploring space since the 1960s

We are Denmark's largest space science research institute and a reputable international institution. From space we explore the Earth and the universe. Our history goes back to the 1960s. With space as the starting point we conduct research, develop new technology, educate engineers and scientists, and provide advice for the benefit of people and society.

DTU Space is a renowned international institution. From space we explore both the climate on Earth and the distant galaxies of the universe and much more. We also develop instruments and other technology for this purpose. We train engineers and provide research-based advice for the benefit of people.

We use satellites, spacecraft, drones and aircraft and carry out measurements on land and at sea in connection with our research and development of technology. We are involved in the entire process from the first scientific idea until an instrument is sent into space to collect data that the scientists analyze and publish.

  • We are approximately 210 researchers, PhD students, experts and other staff. We sell for approx. 160-180 million DKK annually.
  • We collaborate with, among others, the space organizations ESA and NASA, high-tech companies such as Terma, GomSpace and Skywatch and universities such as MIT, Caltech, Yale, Max Planck Institute and the University of Surrey Space Centre.
  • We cooperate with authorities in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
  • We present our knowledge in approximately 200 scientific publications annually, at conferences and with presentations to decision-makers and other stakeholders, as well as via the media to the population as a whole.