Teaching and outreach

DTU offers a BSc Eng programme and a MSc programme, Geofysik og Rumteknologi, focusing on space technology and the exploration of earth from space. However at DTU a number of BSc Eng degrees combined with the right Masters degree can qualify you for a carreer as a space engineer.

Offers for schools and colleges

DTU Space participates in a large number of the lectures, high school internships and other activities DTU offers schools and high schools.

Get an overview of offers for schools and colleges from DTU.

Platform: "Vild med rummet"

DTU Space, in collaboration with the Novo Nordisk Foundation, has established the online platform "Vild med Rummet". It is a large and free universe about space in Danish for primary and secondary schools, which can be used for inspiration in teaching.

On the platform, you will find short and long articles, quizzes, videos, tasks and learning games about space aimed at teachers in primary schools, upper secondary schools and other secondary education. There are also three apps: The Astronaut Test, The Space Mission and Vildmedrummet (about the phases of the moon).

As far as possible, we are happy to visit schools and give presentations based on, among other things, "Vild med rummet" via Engineer The Future.