Courses offered by DTU space

Course no.      Title
11821 Site Investigations
11831 Construction
11854 Infrastructure Constructions in the Arctic
11857 Extreme Climate and Physical Nature
30010 Programming Project
30020 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
30021 Digital Instrumentation
30032 Electrotechnics
30081 Digital Technique
30082 Project work in Digital design
30100 Engineering Practices - Earth and Space Physics and Engineering
30110 Introductory project - Earth and Space Physics and Engineering
30120 Astrophysics
30131 Geo- and Planetary Physics I
30141 Geo- and Planetary Physics II
30150 Mathematical and Numerical Methods in solid Earth Physics
30160 Continuous and Discrete Time Signals
30201 Measurement Technologies in Earth and Space Physics
30220 Synthesis in Earth and Space Physics
30230 Data Analysis and Modeling in Geoscience and Astrophysics
30300 Introduction to Spacecraft Systems and Design
30320 Spacecraft Instrumentation Systems
30330 Image Analysis with Microcomputer
30340 Radar and Radiometer Systems
30350 Remote Sensing
30510 GPS, GIS and Setting out
30530 Geographic Information Systems
30532 Introduction to digital mapping and GIS
30540 Mapping from Aerial and Satellite Images
30545 Analysis of spatial and temporal data within geoscience
30552 Satellite Geodesy
30554 Global Navigation Satellite Systems
30560 Physical Geodesy
30720 Space Physics - Physics of the space environment
30740 Geomagnetism
30752 Cryosphere physics and observation
30754 Climate change - physics and observations
30760 Inverse Problems and Machine Learning in Earth and Space Physics
30786 Scientific Instrumentation for X- and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
30790 Observational X-ray Astrophysics
30794 Astrophysical Data Analysis
30911 Journal Club in Geophysics, Astrophysics and Space Physics
30930 Hands-on X-ray astronomy data analysis
46920 PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing for Wind Energy
62328 Civil Infrastructure Engineering