Sea Level Change

Since 1993, the TOPEX, Jason 1 and 2 as well as ERS1 and ENVISAT satellite radar altimeters have provided uninterrupted accurate estimates of global mean sea level. These measurements are continuously monitored for quality and calibrated against a network of tide gauges. These data allow estimation of the global mean sea level rate taking into account oceans up to 82N. As the time-series are extended with new data and better models and corrections become available these will be posted here.


(Sea level 1)


Plot of the Time Series.


(Sea level 2)


Spatial distribution of sea level trend.

Regional estimates.

Sea level changes on a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Closeup of time series and spatial sea level trend pattern from the satellites missions for specific regions and periods can be found by clicking on the entry in the table below.

(Will be provided soon)

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