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Get an overview of invoice information and seat numbers for DTU Space.


DTU Space, Technical University of Denmark
Elektrovej, Building 327
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Map of Lyngby Campus.

Invoice information and location numbers at DTU Space

All invoices to DTU Space must be sent electronically. Remember to use the correct EAN number, indicate an attention person and possibly a location number when invoicing. This ensures that the invoice reaches the right recipient at DTU Space.

  • EAN number for DTU Space: 5798000430303
  • CVR (VAT) number for DTU Space: 30060946

Location numbers for divisions and centers at DTU Space

  • 3000: Department (entire DTU Space)
  • 3004: The Secretariat (DSS)
  • 3020: Geomagnetism and Geospace (GG)
  • 3030: Astrophysics and the Physics of the Atmosphere (AA)
  • 3040: Microwaves and Remote Sensing (MRS)
  • 3060: Geodesy and Earth Observation (GEO)
  • 3080: Measurement and Instrumentation (MI)
  • 3090: Electromagnetic Systems (EMS)
  • 3011: Arctic DTU
  • 3015: ESA BIC
  • 3018: Security DTU