About the division

The Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics (A+A) division at DTU Space focuses on a few well-defined and internationally recognized areas. 

These areas are:

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The division is supported by a versatile and diverse staff, listed here

The division has the following


Our mission is to discover, expand and communicate knowledge about astrophysics and atmospheric physics creating solutions for the benefit of society through excellence in natural and technical sciences


  • We do excellent frontier research within selected fields of astrophysics and atmospheric physics
  • We work internationally in various collaborations
  • We collaborate with industry
  • We work with space missions
  • We strive to be part of a project’s full lifecycle (the 360 degree view), where we
    • Want to exploit a physical problem
    • Identify, design, and provide the necessary instruments or models
    • Implement and activate those
    • Acquire and interpret the data from those
    • Analyze and use the data to improve the scientific understanding
  • We focus on science AND technology in combination
  • We prioritize to communicate knowledge 
    • Through education at university level
    • To enhance public understanding of science and technology
    • To take advantage of the general fascination of our subjects to increase STEM interest among the young people
  • We create an inclusive working environment that fosters creativity and enthusiasm

In the figure below, we try to illustrate the interplay between the elements mentioned above

Mission and Vision A&A
(Illustration: DTU)