Electromagnetic systems

The research in the Division for Electromagnetic Systems is concerned with electromagnetic field theory, antennas and near-field antenna measurements, as well as components and circuits from microwave to terahertz frequencies, all areas of relevance for wireless communication, sensing and power transfer systems.


Samel Arslanagic

Samel Arslanagic Associate Professor and Head of Electromagnetic Systems Phone: +45 45253829

Anne Kok

Anne Kok PhD Coordinator


The Division for Electromagnetic Systems (EMS) research embraces the transceiver front-end technology together with radiation, propagation, and scattering of electromagnetic waves. This research is relevant for wireless communication, sensing and power transfer systems. EMS is engaged in curiosity- as well as application-driven research encompassing natural and technical science. EMS research combines solid theoretical analysis, computational modelling and simulations, and high-quality experimental testing on component, circuit and system level. It is strongly supported by in-house electrical-mechanical workshops and state-of-the-art test facilities and often involves collaboration with major national and international partners from academia, agencies and industry. Most research is devoted to the traditional radio and microwave frequency range (300 MHz - 300 GHz), which continues to be central, but EMS is active also in projects involving lower (VHF) as well as higher (THz and optical) frequencies.