LEXR (1.487 keV) - X-ray laboratory

The LEXR Low-Energy X-ray Reflectometer is a state-of-the-art faculity. It is primarily used to characterize coatings for x-ray optics. The reflectometer is housed in a vacuum chamber and operates at 1.487 keV. With a microfocus source and plane-parabolic Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors, the 0.5 mm wide beam is collimated to less than 0.75 arcmin.
An actively cooled 2D CCD (detector) yields sample alignment precision of 26 μm in linear position and 3 mdeg in angle. A multilayer monochromator provides a peak reflectance of 43.5% and beam purity > 93%. The reflectometer has a two-theta range of 0–35 deg and dynamic range up to 8 orders of magnitude.

Side-view drawing of LEXR. Measurements given in mm. A: X-ray source, B: Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors, C: Slits 1 and 2, D: Monochromator, E: Slit 3, F: Sample stage, G: Slit 4, H: Detector (Illustration: DTU)