FCXR (8.048 keV) - X-ray laboratory

The FCXR facility has a length of 2059 mm from X-ray generator to detector. The X-rays are generated with a copper rotating anode emitting a continuous Bremsstrahlung spectrum. The monochromator, composed of asymmetrically cut germanium crystals, is designed for passing Cu k-alpha (8.047 keV). The detection of the photons is acquired with a custom built linear positional sensitive detector or similar. The X-ray beam may be shaped into multiple dimensions ranging from 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm – 5 mm x 5 mm (heigh x width) by slits before impinging the sample. Samples with dimensions up to 200 mm in length and 300 mm in height can be mounted in the setup.

A sketch of the FCXR X-ray facility setup at DTU Space. (Illustration: DTU)

Figure: X-ray experimental setup at DTU Space. Sketch of the setup where; 1) X-ray generator. 2) Slit. 3) Evacuated tube. 4) Slit 5) Asymmetric cut Ge crystals. 6) Attenuation filters. 7) Beam shaping slits 8) Sample holder. 9) Evacuated tube. 10) Positional sensitive detector.