We work with several partners nationally and internationally.

The Agency for Data supply and Efficiency (SDFE) Research based advice on the development and maintenance of the national geodetic infrastructure. Annual work programs to target geodetic challenges and new methodologies and data. The collaboration includes the development and maintenance of the GNET GNSS network and the Testbed in Aarhus for Precision positioning and Autonomous Systems (TAPAS).

The European Space Agency (ESA). The GEO department has an excellent and long track record working closely with ESA developing new sensors, offering scientific advice, conduct field verification and validation as well as executing projects providing EO derived time series on climate and environmental parameters.

Technical University of Munich is a key European partner in gravity field modelling using the GRACE and GOCE and recently GFO satellite missions for determination of ocean currents. Through the EuroTech Alliance we collaborate with TUM on MSc program under the ESPE education.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) collaboration on gravity surveys to create global geoids and support global and local geodetic reference frames.

Ohio State University close collaboration with Dr. Michael Bevis fra Ohio State University on development and utilization of permanent GNSS networks. Dr Bevis initialized the 59 station network GNET in Greenland.

University of Boulder collaboration with Dr Steve Nerem on Sea level change. Other topics cover GNSS reflectometry.

Partnership with Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany, JPL, USA and Technical University of Dresden, Germany on research and fieldwork at Zackariae Isbræ (Northeast Greenland).
Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) collaboration on space weather and security aspects of GNSS data in the Arctic area.

We work with our colleagues from University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, University of Aalborg and University of Southern Denmark.

At DTU we work closely with DTU Environment, DTU Compute and Arctic DTU.